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The Law Office of Swartz & Wilson, PLC provides professional legal counsel and representation in a wide range of important legal areas for clients who are located in Michigan. Our attorneys are highly experienced and committed to preserving and protecting our clients’ rights.  We know what works and will use aggressive strategies to ensure that our client’s interests are at the forefront of every case.

We strive to meet all of our clients' needs and concerns, regardless of the complexity or difficulty of the matter. As a result,The Law Office of Swartz & Wilson, PLC has a strong record of dedication and commitment to see your matter to a proper resolution.

We have over 70 years of combined legal experience. We pride ourselves in being aggressive attorneys that fight for our clients. Our results speak for themselves. A more complete listing of the work performed is set forth in our Areas of Practice section.  Our wide legal, legislative, academic experience  has given us the background to successfully represent clients in a variety of forums. The Law Office of Swartz & Wilson, PLC knows what it takes to win a case, and are dedicated to our clients’ needs.     The Law Office of Swartz & Wilson, PLC believes that the firm’s success and continued growth results from a reputation earned by many years of successful representation of clients in the real world.

Our goal is simple. We strive to provide quality representation effectively and efficiently, and to make sure that you get every legal benefit available to you in our complex and ever-changing legal environment. We provide professional representation in a personal and compassionate manner.

Our staff is able to fully support your goals by utilizing investigators and experts depending on your individual needs.

As you will see from the Testimonial section of this site, we have come through for people when they were in desperate need of our help.

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The lawyers at Swartz & Wilson, PLC have the common objective to provide professional legal guidance with the focus on assertive representation and results that clients have come to expect. 

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